Neil Young

Love Earth Village

Neil Young for Change!

Through his music, public actions and the way he lives everyday, Neil has spent his life singing about, standing up and fighting for social equality, environmental justice and freedom for all.

Love Earth Village is Neil’s hometown-square approach to showcasing not-for-profit organizations and their passionate volunteers, working on the frontlines to preserve the Earth and protect our freedoms.

The Village approach supports great work, has inspired countless fans around the world and is a great example of Neil’s lifelong concerted efforts to educate and activate his fans over the decades.

Love Earth Village Mission:

  • Promote ecological sustainability and social equity by helping to educate & inspire Neil’s fans about crucial global local issues, ranging from organic farming Native American rights.
  • Showcase passionate & effective organizations working on environmental conservation, education, policy change and best-practice implementation.
  • Connect Grassroots organizations with Neil fans. Help small local reach a larger audience by giving them chance to connect concert goers in communities where performs.
  • Support folks fighting to preserve the natural world, protecting human rights, standing up for freedom and caring well-being of life on Earth. 

Overarching Tent Themes

  • Future of Farming is the category where we focus on family farms, organic food production and all things related to Sustainable Agriculture. We have featured orgs like The Greenhorns (association for young farmers) as well as national and local organizations as well as family farmers doing community supported agriculture.
  • Freedom & Justice is where we focus on human rights and political freedom related issues. A couple examples include Native American and indigenous peoples rights advocacy groups like Idle No More and organizations working to get corporate money out of politics and put an end to Citizens United like Move To Amend.
  • Earth Ecology is the category where we generally focus on environmental conservation efforts such as habitat protection and restoration and have featured orgs like The Center for Biological Diversity and Sea Shepherd, and
    various conservation organizations local to the regions where Neil performs.
  • Energy & Climate is our Clean Energy solutions category where we focus on things like solar, wind, clean transportation, climate awareness and the like. We have featured organizations who lobby companies to divest from dirty energy producers to local bicycle advocacy groups, and (if it’s clean) everything in between.
  • News You Can Trust is our free newsstand where we give out samples of progressive newspapers and magazines
    including: Earth Island Journal, The Nation, Mother Jones and the Funny Times.
  • Specialty & One-Off Themes can include things like: Get Out the Vote and the Good Life (focusing on healthy living and well being) and any categories that seem most in need of support and attention.


Our goal here is to share this Village approach with you, other performing artists and anyone wanting increase their positive influence in the world. 

Village outreach connects folks to work being done in their own communities, shares much needed information, supports grassroots organizations and has generated an overwhelming amount of positive feedback & real world impacts over the years. 

The Village approach is a straightforward way for artists to build deeper connection with fans, powerfully share about efforts they care most and supports those actively working make the world better place.